APPENDIX PROJECT SPACE          Portland, Oregon
Kyle Thompson
Altering the Bathymetry of Walker Lake, Nevada
November 5th, 2011

In Altering the Bathymetry of Walker Lake, Nevada, Thompson uses a 14-hour performance to bring past and present selves into simultaneity, allowing exhaustion to strip away internal barriers. Subjectively, the skipping of ten thousand rocks fluctuated from trivial to profound to purely happening, culminating in unexpected cathartic release. Churning together youthful physicality, childhood play, and a mature understanding of physical reality, the spectacle of the performance is balanced by softer implications of lost time, atavism, and our mechanisms of emotional response.

Kyle J. Thompson was born in Arizona in 1985. He is a founder and director of 12128, an arts space in Portland, teaches chemistry at Lewis & Clark College, and works on commercial fishing boats in the Gulf of Alaska. His practice is centered in performance and sculptural work, and is influenced by scientific thought, punk rock, and hard work.