APPENDIX PROJECT SPACE          Portland, Oregon
Katie Shelly
August 11th, 2011

Paragon+ is an absolute installation about the ever-arriving fantasy of digital utopia. In an idyllic future where technology enables everyday people to oust dictators, to fully fund a feature film in a week, or to be (tele)present on all seven continents at once, how does an ideal citizen look? Thought leaders often map social ideals onto the human form. If 19th and 20th century societies were embodied by archetypes like the yeoman-farmer, the artisan-scholar, and the citizen-soldier, will the 21st century paragon be a hacker-amputee? A videographer-coder-forager? Serene & despotic, Paragon+ suggests that a dematerialized future includes a drastic re-visualization of the body politic.

Katie Shelly is a New York based multimedia artist.